Maria Drumm is passionate about her photography but even more intent on traveling and documenting the changing cultures of third-and-second world nations. Her mission is to share this information with others to promote global understanding among the peoples of this planet.

Mrs. Drumm has earned the status of “Excellence” from the Photographic Society of America. She has been the recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship and the coveted Yellow Mountain award, for her teaching in China.

She is mother of six and grandmother of nine. After a 20-year career in Law, she retired and taught International Trade and Cross-Cultural Communication at Anhui University of Trade and Economics in Bengbu, China from 2002-2005. She has also taught spring semesters in 2012 and 2013 in Tiruchirapalli, India.

Maria’s book, Silk Road Journeys has been ten years in the making and contains 171 photographs and 10 maps. Her amazing story of Silk Road Journeys takes you into 1,000 year-old Buddhist caves in western China and India, across the Taklamakan Desert and over the Pamir Mountains into Uzbekistan. You will travel the maritime route which became important from the sixth century as trading units tried to cut out the middle man. Follow the Dhow along the Nile, stop at Petra and join a caravan or continue on to Sri Lanka and then to the great Indian port of Mamallapuram to the site of the five chariots. Your travels will also take you to Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

This is a remarkable adventure and a unique presentation.

Enjoy this world!

Mrs. Drumm lives in Baltimore Maryland and is already working on her next book-a photographic journey across Turkey, Ethiopia and Iran.

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